Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s 22020 strategy will be a key factor in the growth of tourism from India to Taiwan

Taiwan Tourism Bureau goes all out in December with cross-platform campaign to attract Indian tourists to Taiwan

This cross-platform launch is one of TTB’s largest ever in-market tourism promotions. Taking advantage of the festive season, this campaign runs throughout December, with nationwide ads across many different offline media, including cinemas, shopping malls, TV and magazines. This campaign kick-off marks the start of TTB’s 22020 strategy. The 22020 strategy focuses Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s marketing efforts on attracting the top 2% of high-income Indians through cooperation with the top 20 tour operators, with a goal of reaching 20% growth in travellers from India to Taiwan by 2020.

The Director of the India market for TTB, Dr. Trust Lin, the brains behind this major push into India, said “India is seen as an important growth market for Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Our goal through our campaign is to accelerate growth in Indian tourism to double digits in line with our 22020 strategy and also the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s new southbound policy which aims to grow tourism from Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and India, with India being one of the top targeted markets.”

The campaign highlights different reasons to visit Taiwan. Taiwan is one of the best places to have your wedding or honeymoon or to celebrate an anniversary. For adventurous Indians, lots of fun can be had in Taiwan canoeing, climbing and scuba diving. With cruises growing in popularity among Indian travellers, Taiwan’s Keelung port is fast becoming one of Asia’s most popular stops for cruise ships. So make sure Taiwan is your next port-of-call.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau does not just rely on beautiful images of their countries in their ad campaigns. Each advertisement in the campaign features a search box, with several Taiwan-related search phrases that relate to the imagery presented. For example, the outdoor activity related “Time for Adventure” advertisements include phrases such as “Taiwan canoeing”, “Taiwan climbing” and “Taiwan scuba diving”. The aim of this variable element in the ads is to inspire India’s tech-savvy travellers to search for more information about Taiwan. Through their research, their desire to visit Taiwan should increase, and bring them closer to considering Taiwan as their next holiday destination.

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Center (TECC) in India’s Representative Ambassador, Mr. Tien Chung-Kwang, said: “Taiwan is seen as a beautiful paradise by many Indians, with fresh air, amazing public transport, and immaculately clean cities. The compact size of Taiwanese cities means that you are always a short distance from nature. Taiwan caters to all ages and interests, so you can enjoy a cycle by the river in the morning, enjoy an exquisite lunch and shop at one of Taiwan’s many luxurious shopping malls, and by evening visit one of Taiwan’s many night markets, which feature hundreds of delicious snack stalls.”

TTB’s launch event made full use of the opulent INOX Insignia, by hosting an exclusive screening of multi-award winning aerial documentary Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above, a film which above all else demonstrates Taiwan’s natural beauty and environment.

Indians don’t have to worry about language barriers when they come to Taiwan. There is now a push to make English an official language of the country, with all major public signage being in English, and most Taiwanese doing their best to help tourists get around. With arguably the most friendly people on earth, Taiwan is also one of the safest places to travel, no matter your age, gender, whether you’re traveling as a family or alone. Even solo female backpackers can enjoy traveling around the country freely.


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) is the official government agency of Taiwan (R.O.C.) responsible for domestic and international tourism policy development and execution. The India market is managed by the Singapore branch of TTB. The marketing slogans currently in use for Taiwan, are “Time for Taiwan” and “The Heart of Asia”.

For more information about Taiwan, please visit: eng.taiwan.net.tw

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